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buckystilinski replied to your post: HAPPY BELATED TO MY BB NASHI prompt wa…

omfg erica is holding on with her teeth this is perf

she was my fav to draw :’)))))

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This is absolutely adorable!


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prompt was ‘sterek with de-aged pack climbing all over them’ and i went with S2 weres because i miss them dearly

also taking photos of evidence is a perfectly logical thing to do when faced with derek hale and babies ok:’)

sorry for the lateness and art fail;; i hope this is alright;-; ily<333

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I know there’s been a lot of drama in fandom lately over Tyler refusing to sign Sterek fan art at conventions, so I thought I would post an example of what he is willing to sign. After taking a moment to look it over, Tyler was fine with signing this beautiful art by banryeo because in his words “It’s not me”, which as I understand it meant that the art does not actually depict him or Derek but is instead wolf!Derek. I gave him the opportunity to refuse to sign it, I did not in anyway insist that he sign it, I asked him twice if it was okay, his PA told him that he didn’t have to sign it if he didn’t want to, but he said it was fine.

At AlphaCon he was also very enthusiastic about and willing to sign this piece by mgnemesi​ , probably because of the same reason - it is more of a cartoon than an actual likeness of Derek and Stiles.  


im more in awe that tyler.h actually saw my art??!! like omg i cant wrap my head around the fact it happened;;; 

i’ve heard there are some words about fan arts and cons so im just real relieved that he was ok with the art enough to sign it :’) it had always made me nervous and worried, so thank you dear for the clarification!

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update :)

hiiii bae here, its been a while!

i see some new dears around and thought its time for an update^//^ 

I’ve recently dropped my life time-consuming part time job and moved to Beijing yesterday. im planning to stay here for at least two months for studies:) its all very nice so far but most places dont have wifi and a lot of sites are censored(google, twitter,youtube etc) although there seems to be a way around i might not be reachable as quickly so sorry if my replies are to be late:’cc


 im hesitant to call off my hiatus just yet but tentatively hoping there would be more time for fandom life:))) i still have a give away planned for anyone interested, i just have to figure out the details;; any ideas/help here would be appreciated :)

 i hope you are all enjoying tw s4, i sure am in love with it so far! ( all the teen dereks and hale feels pls) 

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oh how the turntables [ x ]

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Baby Derek not putting up with Stiles’ shit tbh

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Ian Nelson vs. Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale

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