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Happy birthday Bae!!!


Happy birthday to one of the most amazing-beautiful-lovely human being on this planet… banryeo!!! Bae, I have nothing for you but my gratitude, love and a story about how you were one of the people who helped me to live…

Anyway, I don’t usually give testimonies about my personal life, but I feel like I need to thank you. I have anxiety! I was diagnosed in 2012 and since then I’ve been trying to cope with it. My doctor says that I always had anxiety, but I’m still trying to cope with it. To live with it. It’s really hard to be close to me.. it’s pretty exhausting, actually, but what I’m trying to say that despite all of this, a year later I was starting to become a member of the TW fandom and after that the Sterek fandom. I was introduced to this amazing fandom, by the lovely sinyhale and after that I discovered a lot of amazing people that have done incredible things here. You, my darling, are one of them. I am grateful for what I have, and I am especially grateful for you!! Because, sometimes it’s too much to cope with. And most of the time, my mind is the worst place to be trapped and I wished I could turn it off, but I can’t. I feel hollow. I feel sad and of course, I feel anxious. So yes, my bedroom, my books, my computer are my only refuges. Sad? Perharps….

I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not happy. That everything sucks, because I am happy and not everything sucks. There’s still reasons I feel happy. Small ones, but still. Like, all these amazing fanarts out there… the fanfics… the people behind it. They make me happy! You make me happy! Your art, your personality, you… You give me strenght to keep going every single day. Just by being you!! We may not know each other, we may not be the best of friends, but I’m grateful for what you’ve done for me. 

So, what I was trying to say is that I hope you had an amazing birthday. That the years may come and bring all the good things for you, because you deserve it! And I’m pretty sure I only vented (and I’m sorry for that), but know that I have nothing for you but my gratitude, love and this story.

Much love, Mary Xxxx


thank you so much Mary, it means so much to me that you have taken your time to write this long post to me;-; i can feel you in your words and its heartful to know that i have made (an albeit small but) positive influence in your life. it absolutely made my day, and i can tell you that your gratitude, love and story are more than i can ask and is an awesome birthday present for me:)) thank you for every letter you wrote and everything you thought while writing it dear, ily too!! <333

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Today I was wandering around madrid. It’s the last day I’ve to walk around Madrid plus meet for the first time an online friend (a 5 years old frienship between us). So I punished myself a lot (I have low back aches when I walk a lot or juat stand up) and walked all I could. A friend told me to stop a few minutes, chill a little.. I refused to bc duh, it’s my last day in the centre!

Ian bohen was stunning with his sunnglasses, hoech is so huge gdi! And bourne was so sweet! He took my umbrella so we could take the pic in a more comfortable possition. After the pic and bc of things I’ve been discussing with banryeo I told Hoech some things and then he shaked my hand! Asked my name! Told me see you tomorrow it was nice to meet you, bohen and bourne did too! And

Ajdhakshskdkakskshskahs I still can’t believe how lucky I got today.

My words were the most sappiest thing ever and im forever amazed that you passed it on to hoech ;-; thank you so much sweetheart im so happy you got to meet them in person ily♥

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sterek au

Stiles Stilinski had everything a boy could wish for. An amazing best friend, a spot on the lacrosse team (albeit a bench-warming spot, but that was more than most of the school had) and an amazing, gorgeous boyfriend who was totally perfect for him. The only problem? He was very much in the closet, and said boyfriend was getting very tired of hiding. Fortunately for Derek, Stiles is terrible at lying.

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"If you as Tyler could give Derek any advice, what do you say to him?"

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sterek college!au + wolf!derek


Stiles rarely saw his college roommate. Not that he minded, really, because what little he saw of them, they seemed to be a fucking grump. Or, at least, not a morning person. Stiles wasn’t one, either, so he didn’t think that warranted a patented ‘Derek Hale glare’ that he got when on his way to his eight am Sociology course. He wasn’t a freshman, nor even a sophomore, but being around Derek made him feel like he was. Stiles was knee deep in research and papers, and didn’t think he had the same heir of recklessness that he knew he possessed freshman year by getting completely smashed at every party he attended. No, now he sipped whiskey, neat, while he researched, or went to beer tastings with his best friend. He no longer drank PBR or Nattie Lights.


No, Stiles didn’t think it was fair to be treated like a child in the eyes of his curmudgeonly roommate.  But, again, Stiles rarely saw hide nor hair of him, so it wasn’t out of place that Stiles hadn’t seen him in almost a week. They both spent most of their time in their respective rooms, holed up studying. Stiles even ate in there, rarely using their shared living room, the TV with a layer of dust on it.

So when Stiles walked into his apartment after a long day full of four back to back classes, the last thing he expected to find was a giant dog in his living room.

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Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue

Stiles doesn’t set out to deceive anyone, but hunger and desperation have a way of smoothing the path. He tells himself he’s keeping the advertisement because it’s amusing, and he has precious little to make him smile now that it’s been eight months since his father left Philadelphia on the trail of an escaped convict, with no letters for the last six months, and money fast running out.

He’s examining the newspaper for job advertisements when he sees it on the facing page: a wry, single line: Bachelor farmer desirous of avoiding own cooking seeks helpmeet, with a name—D. Hale—and a post office box number. Stiles never plans to answer it; he knows full well that an advertisement posted in the Matrimonial News is meant for women, but then—this particular advertisement didn’t specify, did it?

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it’s a thing

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"Who is he?"

"Him? That’s Derek Hale. And you better forget about him. He doesn’t date."

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good night :D

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